My Story

When I became a qualified Professional Life Coach in 2007,  I envisioned immediately starting a Life-Coaching practice. But, as it so often does,  Life had other ideas!

Instead, I became a gift shop owner in a small, local, country community and the producer of a Health and Beauty magazine, until, once again Life took an unexpected turn and we, like many other people, were caught in the turmoil of 2008/9 economic crisis.

For us, the timing couldn’t have been worse. The ultimate result left my husband unemployed, our business interests destroyed and our financial situation dangerously precarious.

Neil relocated to another city in an attempt to find another job while I remained behind, taking care of our family and juggling our limited assets and resources in order to survive. Eventually, our few assets were seized and we sold our home to prevent it being repossessed. We used the small profit to relocate and reunite our family.

After 10 months in an unhappy (and poorly paid) employment environment Neil was let go from his position and we once again found ourselves without a source of income.

We struggled through for another 10 months before eventually finding stable employment and relocating back to our hometown.

It took us several years to recover from the physical, emotional and financial fallout of these life events. But, painful though the experience was, we have come out the other side stronger and more resilient.


What I am doing today!

After spending many years in the 9-5 workforce, I am finally pursuing my passion and purpose, as a Transformational Life Coach, Writer, Author and Speaker.

Today, I work from home, set my own hours, and enjoy a lifestyle of freedom of choice.  I work daily towards achieving my own personal and professional goals by sharing my personal knowledge and life experience and by offering Transformational Life Coaching.